June 30, 2013- I've added some shots from a little project I've been working on at home.


June 17 , 2012- Added a few Rage screens and info about my role on this project.

October 4, 2011-



Rage is in stores now! I helped out a bit with this awesome game and I'll update the gallery with some shots of my contribution soon.

April 26, 2010- Landed a new job at id software to work on:





January 13, 2010- After much hard work and looooong days, Darksiders is finally finished and now in stores! I've made an update in the 3d work section with my Darksiders stuff so you should take a look!

December 3, 2007- I've got a new job! I've just finished unpacking after my big move out to Austin, Texas to work on:




at Vigil Games. I've also updated the 3d work section with all my Tony Hawk's Proving Ground work.

October 15, 2007- Tony Hawk's Proving Ground is out. Go buy it.

June 16, 2007- Some media of our new game: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground was just released. You can check them out here:


Feb 26, 2007- Site launched.

I don’t know how you ended up here of all places.  Maybe you’ve come to see what I’ve been making in my workshop?  Please have a look around, but don’t linger here too long, this isn’t the nicest neighborhood- THEY are always watching us here.